Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

The idea for this blog developed over time: I noticed that I often got links to blogs and articles that highlighted faults in our communities but rarely got links to blogs which emphasized our communities’ positive elements.

Communities are comprised of individuals. Communal problems, therefore, are a result of imperfect, perhaps gravely flawed, individuals living and functioning within communities. Since everyone is imperfect every community has problems, and ours are no different. Flawed individuals exist in our communities. The problems they create are real and must be acknowledged, addressed and resolved.

But there are also so many good people. Our communities are replete with honest, kind, wholehearted people, people of integrity, people who open their homes and hearts to strangers simply because they can, people who find a silver lining in the darkest situations, beautiful, wonderful, magnificent people who strive silently and continuously to make themselves better people and the world a better place, people who are paragons of virtue. These people exist in our communities, too; why do we not notice them?

It’s not really about what’s out there – we likely encounter both every day. It’s about what we choose to notice, to focus on, and to publicize. So I say, let’s focus on the good. Let’s look for the beauty in others. How else will we come to love each other?

The purpose of this blog is simple:  to draw attention to the goodness of people in general and to the goodness of our coreligionists in particular, to show that there are times – many, many times – when we try and get it right.  Because it’s better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness. Let’s spread the light!


2 comments on “Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

  1. Princess Lea says:

    That is a beautiful idea. We get hung up about only the upsetting things, and we forget how we have so many amazing people. In the end good deeds lead to other good deeds; by sharing amazing stories, we will be encouraged to do better.

  2. Rachel says:

    Princess, your beautiful comment and your encouragement mean so much to me. Thank you.

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