The G-d Within

“If this room is full of darkness for thousands of years, and you come in and begin to weep and wail, ‘Oh, the darkness,’ will the darkness vanish? Bring the light in, strike a match, and the light will come in a moment. So what good will it do to you to think all your lives, ‘Oh, I have done evil, I have made many mistakes’? . . . Bring in the light, and the evil goes in a moment. Strengthen the real nature, build up yourselves, the effulgent, the resplendent, the ever pure, call that up in everyone whom you see. I wish that every one of us had come to such a state that even when we see the vilest of human beings we can see the G-d within, and instead of condemning, say, ‘Rise , thou effulgent one, rise thou who art always pure, rise thou birthless and deathless, rise almighty, and manifest your nature.'”

– Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902)


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