AJOP’s Inreach Conference

Earlier this week, a couple of friends and I attended AJOP’s (Association of Jewish Outreach Professionals) Inreach Conference in Stamford, Connecticut. Its objective was to turn already observant Jews onto Judaism, and to give them the tools to reach out to their families, friends, and communities to do the same. The conference was very well attended. Several lectures were delivered simultaneously throughout the day, and each one was packed with people. Looking around the room during one particularly crowded lecture, I noticed people lining the walls, grown, distinguished-looking men and women sitting on the floor, and even more people congregating in the hallway by the open doors, in what must have been at least slight discomfort, all to hear the speaker’s message. I thought, all the people in this room trekked down to Stamford on a freezing Sunday morning to listen people lecture them on how to become better parents, better teachers, better friends, and better Jews.  There were hundreds of people in that room, and every single person was there to hear about how he/she could improve him/herself. So I spent an entire day in the company of people who sincerely wanted to be good and do good and were taking real action to become and do so. And it was great.


One comment on “AJOP’s Inreach Conference

  1. its so beautiful when you can see an inspiring site like that. to see people actually trying to better themselves instead of just talking about it..it really pulls at your heart strings

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